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"special" whipping

Sir M found out that I was unfaithfull. Suddenly, I felt his anger. He invited 10 friends and several strangers to a "special" party. He orderd me to serve the guests for two hours while they were discussing what would be the best punishment for me later that evening. I was afraid of what was coming and I knew it would be very humilating.

With a "democratic" vote they decided to give me countless strokes with the bullwhip in front of all of them. It lasted for over an hour and I was not permitted to cry and I was blindfolded. The only thing was the sound of that nasty whip, the applause from the audience and the feeling that my whole body was under fire. It seemed like His punishment was endless - trust me! Sir M was merciless using the dressage and than the bullwhip!


What a lovely trip to Greece. You think about beautiful beaches and then find yourself under an olivetree waiting alone for your punishment before Sir M arrives to give you a whole-body-whipping with the dogwhip.The session lasted for a whole hour!

Paingate outdoors - at our best!


the first lesson


That was Gwens first lesson in being a submissive. It was important for the Instructrice to show "MACHINE" how good she really is. She used alll differnt kind of instruments on Gwen. The girl couldn´t see anything but she definitely knew which instrument was which. She felt the Cane, the dogwhip and the singletail.
Babs over the hood
Sir M told Barbara several times not to dress too sexy during the summer holidays. But, she is vain and likes to be watched by other men. For this direct disobendiance, she found herself bound over a car hood awaiting a harsh bullwhipping completely naked. Babs pretty bottom and her long legs recieved such marks that she wore long pants for the next two weeks!!!

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