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business spy1


this is the beginning of a story about a business spy, who attempted to steel important data from another company. She was caught and forced to reveal the name of her boss and the purpose of her crime.

Will she endure different torments or surrender and confess?

business spy2

The second part of the spy`s interrogation is even more painful. The young lady is bound and has to face an incessant whipping with a thin and hard riding crop. Over 30 strokes left her ass burning hot.

business spy3

In the last part of the spy`s interogation you will see our beautiful spy bound Spread Eagle in a very old cellar and whipped even further.

business spy4


Is our spy very stubborn or can it be that she enjoys the pain? After all these interrogation methods she still will not talk?

Now our Masters have decided to suspend her from only one leg. Then she is beat hard with the

singeltail between her legs!


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