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The convent

Members request This session is dedicated to Rob´s idea to punish a nun for her sins. (Thanks Rob)

Sister Gwendoline is send to the convents fathers because she was seen leaving the building without permission. During the interrogation she admits meeting a lover outside the holy walls. The very strict convents rules demand an extremly severe punishment. The fathers decide to let her hang from the ceiling fully naked by her wrists and they proceed to execute a long bullwhipping all over her body.

If you like the convent setting, feel free to send us stories we could use for future sessions..


Drug Trafficers Part 1

Just say NO to Drugs

Now you can witness what happens to girls who sell drugs and don`t want to cooperate with the officers after they are caught. In this exclusive sesion there are 3 parts. The first part shows the girls interrogated seperatly with a crop and a long heavy flogger.

Don´t miss the second Part with a whipping-duel between the friends. What a fight!


Drug Trafficers Part 2



Now, watch these two beautiful drug dealers with their hands bound together in a whipping duel that ecalates into a merciless and really painful fight. Believe me, they go crazy! With every stroke they hate each other more and each one realizes that the next lash will be even harder. Our officers are thrilled for this duel is a very special viewing pleasure for the real enthusiast!

Still to come is the third part - the actual punishment - willfully chosen by each girl instead of a prison sentence. Find out what instruments the officers dedide to use!!!

Drug Trafficers Part 3


Now witness the Grand Finale! The girls had two choices: go to prison or play the officers game.

Gwen, accepting the corporal punishment was bent over a chair spead eagel before receiving the cane. Caroline, also willfully, stood in the middle of the room and got the cane first on her ass then on her Breasts!!

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