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No Smoking


Our female prisoner was caught smoking in a prison joinery by a merciless Police officer. It was dangerous, a non-smoking area and she had to be taught a real good lesson. Tied to a rotating table she was whipped with a cat ´o nine on her bear breasts and soft belly. The officer used wax and as grand finale, she got whipped right on her pussy!! Her voice echoed through the prison walls.

"Merry" christmas



See my very special christmas present for you. This is a combined punishment for two reasons. First of all I got 10 strokes with the cane on my trousers and later the naked bottom for setting up a wrong video link in the 1. poll. But Sir M decided to cane me more and harder just for your pleasure as a christmas present. He told meI´d get 10 more .He caned me like hell. Count yourself how often I had to feel the stings. Sir M wanted to show you some clear welts and my face crying in pain. You`ll see in 9 High-Resolution-Videos and over 150 pictures.

First poll execution

Our first poll was a huge success ! Thank you for your vote. Over 2000 of you have participated. The winner is Nr. 2. As you remember, we had to choose an adequate punishment for Gwen:

1. bend over a chair and waiting 1 hour before she receives 15 strokes with the cane (10% chose this result)

2. suspended spread-eageled 2 hours before getting a bullwhipping on her back, 30 strokes (47 % liked this punishment)

3. suspended by her wrists, feet off the ground for a long and painful half an hour. Than she receives a full body whipping with the singletail. (43 % wanted to see this result)

See Gwen´s treatment for shouting at the Machine and calling him by his real name. Which is absolutely taboo. Witness here the Machine's anger!

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