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hand suspended and whipped


In case of any misbehaviour the Instructrice will be there to correct you. She has no mercy. This time I was supended by my hands feet off the ground to recieve countless strokes with the dogwhip. It was horrible, believe me! But it was an exiting experience, too! I really cannot tell you what was more painful, the hanging or the lashes.


first time crop

Everything has it`s first time. So as Babs with the riding crop!

"I was very afraid" she said, "but on the other side thinking to be whipped with this new instrument on my bare bottom let me get hot!"

captured in the forest


It was a very special Birthday presenet for Sir M:

Caroline and I were captured in a forest, far away from any settlement. Nobody could here our cries under the switch!

The MACHINE wanted to give us a good pony-training before arriving at the "Party". I guess we didn`t please him enough, cause he gave us an extraordinary Bullwhipping while we were bounded between two trees!

Oldhouse Birthday


This is the second part of this painful day:

Sir M was waiting for his "presents" in a very old house. In fact we didn`t give the Pony-Show he had expected.

The result: we were forced to obey with "lots of different corretive instruments"!

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