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Steve`s Revenge


Instructrice`s favorite work is getting the order from somebody to teach his girl.

Steve was extremly usatisfied with my behaviour in his bed. I simply didn`t want to sleep with him anymore. Steve called the Insructrice and an unbelievable martyrium began for me.

Suspended by hands and feet off the ground I recieved over 100 lashes with the bullwhip and a thin and long dressage whip.

You cannot imagine how that hurts. My skin was cutted in stripes, no way to escape, hanging there totally exposed for at least an hour. After the beating the Instructrice left me hanging there completly alone in my deep pain!

hard training

This is a very cruel whipping with the singletail.

No one handle this nasty instrument like the "MACHINE". Try to count those strokes. You won`t make it!


The feeling of being whipped outside is special and my twin Barbara always finds a reason to be beaten with the singletail.

Our masters love it, too.

Watch Babs bent over a fallen tree trunk, recieving 30 lashes form the "MACHINE". After the punishement he left her tied up for hours! It was Sunday and many people were in the woods so she was nervous about being caught. Babs enjoys this type of excitement!! Imagine: finding her bent over in this position with whipping marks on her backside. The whip is lying on the ground but there is no master around.

What would you do ????? ;))))

Bound and Caned


Witness the big finale of Sir M`s birthday party:

A caning session Caro and I will never forget.

Machine and Sir M had bound us in a very painful position under the roof of the old house. They caned us merciless on our already wounded bottoms. It seemed thy never find an end.

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