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No Smoking! - A female prisoner was caught smoking in a prison. Tied to a rotating table she was whipped with a cat ´o nine on her bear breasts and soft belly. The officer used wax and as grand finale, she got whipped right on her pussy!!



"Merry" christmas - First of all I got 10 strokes with the cane on my trousers and later on the naked bottom for setting up a wrong video link  I don`t know how often I felt the sting of the rod. Count yourself. My buttocks were caned me like hell.



First poll execution - Our first poll was a huge success ! Thank you for your vote. Over 2000 of you have participated. The winner is Nr. 2: suspended spread-eageled 2 hours before getting a bullwhipping on her back, 30 strokes





The convent - Members request This session is dedicated to Rob´s idea to punish a nun for her sins. (Thanks Rob) The very strict convents rules demand an extremly severe punishment. The fathers decide to let the nun hang from the ceiling fully naked by her wrists and they proceed to execute a long bullwhipping all over her body.


Just say NO to drugs - Now you can witness what happens to girls who sell drugs and don`t want to cooperate with the officers after they are caught. In this exclusive sesion there are 3 parts. The first part shows the girls interrogated seperatly with a crop and a long heavy flogger


Drug Trafficers Part 2 - watch these two beautiful drug dealers with their hands bound together in a whipping duel hthat ecalates into a merciless and really painful fight. very special pleasure for the real enthusiast!



Drug Trafficers Part 3 - witness the Grand Finale! Gwen, accepting the corporal punishment was bent over a chair spead eagled before receiving the cane. Caroline, also willfully, stood in the middle of the room and got the cane first on her ass then on her Breasts!!








"special" whipping - In this session I was disciplined in front of ten people. Blindfolded I only felt my body cut in stripes by the long bullwhip and heard the applaus from the audience after each stroke. I got over a hundred lashes!



The Olivetree - Paingate outdoors - at our best! What a lovely trip to Greece. You think about beautiful beaches and then find yourself under an olivetree waiting alone for your punishment before Sir M arrives to give you a whole-body-whipping with the dogwhip.The session lasted for a whole hour!


First lesson - That was Gwens first lesson. The girl couldn´t see anything but she definitely knew which instrument was which. She felt the Cane, the dogwhip and the singletail.



Babs over the hood - found herself bound over a car hood awaiting a harsh bullwhipping completely naked. Babs pretty bottom and her long legs received such marks that she wore long pants for the next two weeks!!!









Whipped for Surfing - Watch my poor twin Barbara in pain. She deserved a harsh whipping for surfing the net privately within business-hours. SirM decided to give her 80 very strong lashes with the bullwhip, because it was not the first time! You`ll see a lot of tears.



"Machine" Cane - Nobody calls Mike by his real name. If you do it once, you never will do it again. His cane will teach you in the most painful way. See nasty welts raising on the soft skin!



Bullwhip Dreams -  Once,Caroline and I had a strange dream. While we were sleeping a burglar came in and abducted us. We were bound together and were beaten with the bullwhip. Over a hundred lashes-it was a real nightmare...yes, real!


speeding lesson Part 3 -  Once again our little Barbara drove too fast. THE MACHINE found the 200 US-fine in her mail and decided to give her some more reasons to think about becoming a safe driver. He punished her with a cat-o-nine-tail.



Upside down Suspension - This was my first time, it`s a special feeling to hang in a helpless position like that, all intimate parts fully exposed, expecting the stinging singeltail.   I got it even between my legs.






Michelle - This session was sent to us by a good friend from old Europe. It features Michelle punished by Lady Tara for being unshaved. The blonde BEAUTY was even raised above the ground and then worked on with the flogger and rod!


Speeding Lesson Part 1 and 2 - I had to stand with both feet together and my hands were tied to the ceiling. I received countless hard strokes with the singletail. Watch me struggle to obey Machine and keep my legs still while the pain burned into my soft skin!. I´m a very good driver today!


The  Horsemaid, another member request - "wonderwhip" wanted to have a session with a horsemaid who should be punished at the whipping post, hands are cuffed, then undressed and whipped with several instruments.


Special video filmed by members - We thank our Members who provided us with this special private video. A Paingate couple filmed a session for their own purpose and wanted to share it with us. Witness the result. We guarantee a special bullwhip-video in high quality .






Hand suspended and whipped -This time I was supended by my hands feet off the ground to recieve countless strokes with the dogwhip



First time Crop- Everything has it`s first time. So as Babs with the riding crop!



Captured in the forest - It was a very special Birthday present for Sir M: Caroline and I were captured in a forest, far away from any settlement. Nobody could here our cries under the switch and the Bullwhip!



Oldhouse Birthday -This is the second part of this painful day: Sir M was waiting for his "presents" in a very old house. In fact we didn`t give the Pony-Show he had expected. The result: we were forced to obey with "lots of different corretive instruments"!







Steve`s Revenge - Suspended by hands and feet off the ground I recieved over 100 lashes with the bullwhip and a thin and long dressage whip



Hard Training -This is a very cruel whipping with the singletail. No one handle it like the "MACHINE". Try to count those strokes. You won`t make it!



WoodWhip - The feeling of being whipped outside is special and my twin Barbara always finds a reason to be beaten with the singletail



Bound and caned - A caning session Caro and I will never forget






The Gate to our famous Spy series!

Customer requested

Business Spy 1-  this is the beginning of a story about a business spy, who attempted to steel important data from another company. She was caught and forced to reveal the name of her boss and the purpose of her crime. Will she endure different torments or surrender and confess?


Business Spy 2 - The second part of the spy`s interrogation is even more painful. The young lady is bound and has to face an incessant whipping with a thin and hard riding crop.


Business Spy 3 - In this part of the spy`s interogation you will see our beautiful spy bound Spread Eagle in a very old cellar and whipped even further.



Business Spy 4 - Is our spy very stubborn or can it be that she enjoys the pain? After all these interrogation methods she still will not talk? Now our Masters have decided to suspend her from only one leg. Then she is beat hard with the singeltail between her legs!

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